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Risk Management Reporting

Cleaning using incorrect methods is by far the major cause of slips and falls. Using incorrect methods and/or the wrong chemical solutions can make surfaces slippery and can also reduce the slip resistance of flooring.

Effective systems in cleaning management such as signage also ensure staff, contractors and visitors are all aware of their roles and responsibilities with regard to preventing slips and trips.

Cleaning Details and others in the commercial cleaning industry have also identified five major hazards. They are;

Manual Handling - Any activity that requires heavy lifting or repetitive or forceful movements as well as work carried out in awkward positions. Injuries may happen due to one-off events but more often they are the result of strains over a long period of time.

Environmental Hazards - These hazards could range from floors and surfaces, lighting, temperature, ventilation accessibility, and housekeeping. The most common causes of injury are slips trips and falls caused by walking on slippery floors while mopping, vacuuming around fixtures and furnishing working in cluttered spaces collecting or disposing of rubbish and carrying equipment on stairs.

Electricity - Electrical equipment degrades over time and with extensive use. When the safety of equipment is compromised, the risk of shock, burns or even fatalities are greatly increased.

Sharps - Due to unsafe work practices and work environments, cleaners can sustain skin penetrating injuries from broken glass, discarded sharp objects and needles. Collection and disposal of waste are prime examples of when these injuries can occur.

Hazardous Substances - Hazardous chemicals are widely used in the cleaning industry and after exposure, a person may take some time before showing signs of illness. Carpet cleaners, oven cleaners and bleaches are all examples of commonly used substances that can impact a person's health, especially when working in confined areas.

Why Choose Cleaning Details

Cleaning Details offer detailed reports to ensure compliance in risk prevention legislation. Our structured safety management systems ensure the highest standards are met and exceeded and are regularly reviewed to promote continual improvement.

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